10 Sure Ways To Stop Procrastination For Good

This post is about 10 sure ways to stop procrastination for good and start living the life you want.

It has been said that 60-80% of New Year’s resolutions will be broken within the very first 2 weeks.

Simply put, plenty of people have a tough time making the adjustments in their life they wish to make. So you are not alone.

I am not a big supporter of New Year’s resolutions because I think in setting and achieving personal goals all year round.

That being said, I’d like to share with you the top 10 ways to stop procrastination and increase the odds of success with achieving your goals.

1. Stick to 1 or 2 important goals.

10 Sure ways to stop procrastination for good and get things done. Apply those 10 simple tips to beat procrastination once and for all.

Having a list of all the important things you want to modify in your life can be paralyzing. If you stick to 1 or 2 of your most essential goals, your chances for success are much more eminent.

This enables you to focus all your energy and focus on these goals. You can continually set 1 or 2 more once you attain those goals.

2. Be rational.

It’s alright to think big and desire the very best, however, it is more crucial to success, so be practical. Ask yourself whether or not your goals are possible and achievable.

It is most likely not practical to set the goal of never screaming at your kids again. How will you feel about your resolution when your children evaluate you on a really bad day when you yell?

Definitely, you can cut back on yelling and work to find alternative ways to deal with your fault, however, an all or nothing attitude may set you up for failure, and feeling like you’ve failed can set you up for more failure.

Instead, accept and honor your humanness.

3. Be clear and specific.

When identifying goals, be as specific as possible. Articulate how you will determine success and precisely what you are attempting to attain.

Setting a goal to slim down is too general. A much better choice would be to set a manageable and specific goal.

For instance say, “I will lose 25 pounds by June 30, 2021.” Be accurate when responding to the what, when, and how.

4. Link to your motivation for accomplishing your goal.

Why do you desire to achieve this goal? Why now? Make certain your motivation originates from your heart, and not from your head.

In other words, your goal should be something you desire, and not something you know you NEED TO do. Truly link to why this is so vital to you.

Take notes of whether you are being driven by worry or love. Be cautious of setting goals based on what somebody else in your life thinks you need to do. Your resolutions must originate from your authentic self.

5. Examine your belief in your ability to accomplish this goal.

What do you believe about your capability to attain your goals? Your confidence might be staggering if you have tried to reach the same objective numerous times in the past without much success.

You might be feeding yourself negative messages without even realizing it. Be mindful of positive thinking.

Tell yourself that you are capable of doing anything you set your heart to. Inform yourself every day that you can take the actions required to reach your objective.

6. Create a comprehensive strategy to achieve your objective.

Let’s assume your goal is to eliminate the mess in your house. But, how will you start when the mess is overwhelming? It might be useful to break large goals into intermediate, manageable chunks.

Make a list of each area you need to take on. Then break each area into even smaller segments that can be dealt with easily.

For example, set time aside to clean up out old clothing, then to organize sweaters, then to toss out old shoes, and finally set up clothes by color or type.

Don’t forget to specify a time frame for accomplishing each of the smaller actions. Before you know it, the bigger goal will have been fulfilled.

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7. Acknowledge that you may experience barriers.

Because they run into some type of challenge along the way, the majority of people give up on their goals.

Obstacles can be external or internal. Examples of internal barriers include unfavorable self-talk, restricting beliefs, and discipline issues.

Some external obstacles are the lack of time, cash, or resources. Know beforehand what hurdles you may have to conquer.

8. Identify a strategy to conquer challenges.

if you are trying to offer up chocolate (I would never attempt this!), what are you going to do when you get a yearning for chocolate, or when all your good friends are chowing down on chocolate cake? Possibly your strategy would be to carry a sweet replacement with you at all times.

Or perhaps you might involve yourself in a fun activity when the desire hits. Think about hiring a life coach to assist you to work through your blocks if your obstacles are harder and you require more assistance.

9. Get the support of an accountability partner.

As you work towards your goals, it can be very helpful to have somebody in your life to be your support partner. Consider asking your partner or good friend to assist you to adhere to the goals you have set.

When you are struggling and set up a strategy to check in routinely with him/her, utilize this person.

10. Celebrate success along the way.

One of the most essential things you can do on your own is celebrating your little successes as you work towards your bigger goals. Do not wait till the end to reward yourself.

You should have to be acknowledged for your efforts and your dedication, especially when your goals take a long time to attain. You will lose your inspiration if you don’t celebrate on your journey.

Attaining your goals can be difficult work often, however it is likewise very satisfying. If you fall off your path, remember you can always return on. It is okay to take a few detours.

It’s likewise all right to take a break to rest. Don’t beat yourself up or give up hope. Start again where you dropped and before you understand it, you will be a pro at accomplishing your goals.

This post was about 10 sure ways to stop procrastination for good.

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