How To Stop Being Lazy For Good

In this post, I will show you 3 ideas on how to stop being lazy for good.

But first, you need to understand that laziness is something normal. Do not beat yourself up, or hold into this identity that you are a lazy individual, you’re not.

Even there are times that I do not wish to do the work, and I desire to just lay on my bed and not do anything.

So, I found out some tools and hacks to break that cycle of laziness and get things done regardless.

How To Stop Being Lazy For Good

Tip #1: Break The Task Into a Small One

Let’s prtend you have an essay to prepare and just by considering it, you feel this sort of a big ball in your stomach. I know it sucks.

And let’s say you did your estimation, and you found that it will take about 2 hours to end the essay.

Rather than setting for 2 hours straight, why not break it into 10 minutes a session.

By doing that, you’ll interfere wisely with this psychological force called resistance that your brain creates whenever you wish to do something uncommon, and hard.

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Tip #2: The 2 Minutes Rule

One of the very best discoveries that I made in the self-improvement journey so far is the strategy of the” 2 minutes rule” that I gained from

Basically, instead of waiting for inspiration or motivation to strike on you, all you need is, to begin with, 2 minutes or less.

Let’s say you desire to get in shape, and you don’t feel like going to the fitness center. It feels so heavy that you begin making reasons to skip it.

Rather than being a victim of your brain, just load your gym-stuff, shows up, and do small stretches for 1 or 2 minutes and leave. That’s it.

Showing up is better than doing nothing.

When you do that for just a few weeks, what you’re doing is constructing new neurological connections, and it will start to be simpler, and you can increase the time and the effort as you go.

Tip #3: Have a Strong Why

Another way to stop being lazy for good is to attach a big, and effective “why” to what you’re attempting to achieve.

I found that it’s greatly helpful.

Like in everything that I’m doing here, even writing this blog post, I have a reason behind it, because truthfully I didn’t wish to do it.

Writing and setting are not compelling for me. However because I desire to create an online brand, and share my knowledge, impact other people, and someday be economically free, that’s what got me out of my head and do it regardless.

This post was about 3 tips on how to stop being lazy for good.

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