How to get stuff done when you are not motivated at all. This post will help you to find motivation when you don't have it and take action.

How To Get Stuff Done When You Are Not Motivated At All

In this short article, I wish to share with you some ideas on what to do when you are not motivated to get things done.

We all get from time to time unmotivated, exhausted, down, whatever you wish to call it, that’s part of humanity. So being not determined in some cases is a regular thing.

In those times you feel like the sky is falling on you, all the doors are closed, absolutely nothing works, and all you wish to do is to quit.

But before we enter the meat of the matter we need to comprehend a little bit about how our brains work (not the psychical one), psychological speaking, to have a better understanding of the non-importance of motivation down the roadway of success.

The Feeling Brain Is Always Taking The Lead

Presently I’m reading Mark Manson’s book “Why Everything Is F * d”, and in it, among lots of excellent points, he spoke about why our feeling brain is the engine of everything that we do, and why the thinking brain has little to do with the choice-making process, and getting things done.

Essentially our emotions play a significant function when we want to take any action. We do not get things done because of our rational brain, or our plans, however, because of the way how you feel at the moment.

If you’re lazy now, no matter how you persuade yourself rationally to do the thing, simply you won’t get it done.

The problem is we utilize our logical brain to be motivated, however in truth, motivation comes from our feeling brain that’s almost impossible to manage, and it ‘speaks’ a different language.

The truth is you do not require motivation, because…

Motivation Is Only An Illusion

Much of us think that to succeed, or to take any sort of action, we require to be motivated, or pump ourselves up. However, what if this motivation never comes?

We postpone things since just of this saying “I’m not inspired to do it”, and whenever you want to act on this specific task, you say the very same thing.

And the bad part is it ends up being a part of who you are. You construct this identity of a procrastinator, or the type of person who is not worthy of success, or the thing you’re after.

So, what I want you to do now is to get rid of the concept of inspiration completely from your head, and here’s what I want you to do: SIMPLY START.

Practical Tips When Motivation Goes Away

After we exposed all the misconceptions around inspiration, now it’s time to do something about it.

Tip #1: The “2 Minutes” Strategy

You most likely came through this rule, it’s quite well-known in the productivity space, however, It’s just a quick reminder for me and you of this amazing tool.

Merely this technique defines to perform an extremely little version of the task you want to do.

  • You desire to exercise, but you don’t feel it? Simply do 5 push-ups.
  • You want to write a to-do list, but in some way you can’t? Jot down one item.

This strategy has two advantages:

  • The first advantage, after a long time, you’ll interrupt this unfavorable story that you experience whenever you deal with such a challenge, because you’re already prepared for it.
  • The 2nd one, is you will develop a brand-new identity of an individual that takes action even when you don’t feel like it, which is excellent for your psychological strength.

Tip #2: Do Something That Make You Feel Good

I did a huge discovery! I discovered reading out loud is sort of a haven from down and unhappy ruts.

As you possibly know, as part of my routines, I read self-help books every single day for at least 20 minutes, really I have been doing that for about 4 years, however, I wasn’t conscious about one thing:

Reading out loud, word by word was making me feel great.

There are times I do not wish to work on my biz, instead of combating my brain when I’m not motivated, I do something that is going to make me feel a bit great for simply a few minutes, then start working on the task that I need to do.

Because how could you be creative if your feelings in a total mess?

So, I motivate you to discover the thing that light you up. Go through all the things that you usually do and write them down. The crucial element is awareness.

It might take you a week, or a month, just with a little bit of persistence, you’ll find what changes your state when you do it, and when it’s done, write it down on your phone.

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